• Feb '16Milestone 9
    Dissemination activities and policy brief finished
  • Feb '16Deliverable 5.5
    Scientific publications (and dissemination report)
    Dissemination has been a key element at different stages of the Graffolution project, allowing the consortium to easily access information and knowledge (i.e. by attending conferences), as well as to collect the first hand inputs, content and feedback needed to develop and improve the Graffolution platform (i.e. through the organisation of platform trial workshops). This document will provide a detailed report about all the dissemination activities that have been conducted throughout the duration of the project and inform about some activities planned beyond its end.
  • Feb '16Milestone 8
    Final project documentation finished
  • Jan '16Milestone 7
    Validation, usabilty tests, manuals and tutorials finished
  • Jan '16Milestone 6
    Web-platform development and content integration finished
  • Nov '15Milestone 5
    Graffiti vandalism research compendium finished
  • Nov '15Deliverable 2.10
    Research Compendium of Graffiti Vandalism in Europe
    This compendium is supposed to concentrate all relevant information and data which have been identified in WP2 – the scientific fundament of the project Graffolution. This implies three basic topics, which were the main interest of WP2 and build the basis for the development of the later Graffolution Platform: (1) the phenomenon graffiti; (2) the graffiti relevant stakeholders; (3) strategies and measures in the field of graffiti. The central findings of these topics will be presented in the following, although – as it is the nature of a compendium – many of them can only be touched briefly. Nevertheless, this compendium can function as a useful summary of the central aspects in terms of graffiti research, for all kinds of stakeholders involved in the field of graffiti.
  • Apr '15Milestone 4
    Deployment and set-up of platform demonstrator finished
  • April '15Deliverable 4.1
    Deployment of demonstration platform finished
    This report holds the initial developed components of the platform and will be constantly evolved during the second project period. It provides a basic overview of the hardware specifications. The demonstrator currently focuses on the Open Information Hub as this part will be opened during the next months to the public to get quickly further feedback from the community but also raise the awareness for the Graffolution project.
  • Feb '15Milestone 3
    Web-platform concept and early prototype finished
  • Feb '15Milestone 2
    Primary Graffiti vandalism research, solution elaboration and stakeholder analysis finished
  • Nov '14Deliverable 5.2
    Newsletter, factsheets and material 1
    Download the following dissemination materials.
    Download Factsheet
    Download Newsletter
  • Sep '14Deliverable 2.2
    Regional, cultural, ethical, privacy and legal aspects and influence factors report
    This deliverable covers relevant issues regarding regional, cultural, ethical, privacy and legal aspects of graffiti. The document is informed by the experiences of four countries: Austria, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Common patterns as well as dissimilarities are considered in order to provide a general and comprehensive picture of the phenomenon of graffiti in these European countries.
  • Jul '14Deliverable 2.1
    Graffiti vandalism in public areas and transport report and categorisation model
    This report builds the starting point and foundation of Graffolution's research activities. It delivers information from an extensive literature review focusing on the extent of graffiti vandalism in Europe with specific concentration on public areas and transport. Early insights showed that the available data on the extent of graffiti vandalism is very fragmented which makes a consistent European wide analysis challenging.
  • May '14Milestone 1
    Project Website Launched
    Project Website Launched.